What Does A Sales Development Representative Do: Duties And Responsibilities

If you’re the type of person that wants to “control your own destiny” rather than working for a traditional salary, this is a career to consider. Ultimately, sales development reps are educators that leverage insights to assist solving a real problem customers are having. With this information, an SDR can build a better picture of what the prospect is looking for and how your product or service can help them overcome their pain points. It’ll also help them personalize their outreach so it’s more relevant to your leads. Depending on where leads are or where they spend their time, an SDR might reach out through cold email, cold calls or social media.

  • A sales development representative is responsible for outbound sales and marketing activities in the initial stages of a sales pipeline, including finding and initiating contact with potential customers.
  • In some cases, this might mean several months of continued contact, staying the course until the prospect becomes a customer.
  • They have time to say what they’re really thinking and feel like those thoughts are heard.
  • When you can position these solutions to eliminate a pain point for the prospect, you start to develop trust with your prospect which is a key factor that influences whether they’ll buy or not.
  • Now it’s time for you to write your job description, but if you’re still not sure where to start, we’ve created a template you can tailor to your own needs.
  • They research and reach out to new clients who might be interested in the products the company sells, and introduce those clients to the company.
  • Same as Ned, she deals with urgent issues right away, deletes spam and marks what needs to be done later based on research.

Build your network at professional conferences, on LinkedIn, at sales training classes, and more. Same as Ned, she deals with urgent issues right away, deletes spam and marks what needs to be done later based on research. She then pops a Diet Coke (or Diet Dr. Pepper…. or Red Bull) in preparation of the 2 pm AWESOMENESS she is about to deliver. Taking the bus provides a few hours a week to read, listen to podcasts or scan social media for the latest news that could be interesting to your team or customers. It’s a real chicken-or-the-egg scenario and a challenge that sometimes makes salespeople a little jealous of their colleagues in the marketing department. Sales development representatives spend a lot of time reaching out to people who know little about their business and asking them to take the first step – booking at meeting.

How does the candidate interact with people?

A successful SDR understands the value of being present and having a real conversation. A chatbot might be able to qualify a lead, but nothing asks questions and listens to information like a human (at least not yet). The interaction between a prospect and an SDR should be genuine and helpful, not robotic and forced.

what does a sales development representative do

A sales development representative (SDR) is a sales representative responsible for outreach, prospecting, and qualifying leads. A sales development representative typically interacts with potential customers at the beginning of their buyer’s journey. In contrast, a sales representative typically nurtures qualified leads and, in some cases, may be responsible for closing the sales. A sales development representative qualifies leads at the sales funnel’s initial stages. Sales development representatives need to conduct research for prospective clients and qualify the leads before handing them to the sales team. They develop sales strategies to attract buyers or solicit potential customers.

Where Do They Fit within the Organization?

The right candidate will be one who works well under pressure, thinks out-of-the-box, easily initiates relaxed but informative two-way phone conversations with prospects, and is highly self-motivated. The right candidate will also understand how to assess a company’s needs and cater the outreach to each prospect specifically. [redacted] is looking for a high energy and dynamic Sales Development Representative to provide pre-sales support. This role will be responsible for servicing inbound sales and related inquiries with a focus on engaging and qualifying all prospective customers. This role is one of the first touch points for prospects and has the opportunity to set the tone for the sales cycle following.

what does a sales development representative do

Once the SDR pinpoints these gaps, they have a better opportunity to pitch your business and effectively guide leads to the end of the sales funnel. https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/sales-development-representative/ Organizations used to hire people to handle the entire sales process. But companies have realized that isn’t the best process in the future.

Bypass gatekeepers, reach decision-makers

Even if you spend $5,000 a month on a third-party SDR team, you’re getting an entire team for less than the cost of a single SDR on your payroll (currently around $81K annually). Companies are popping up all over the place that offer various types of outsourced sales support, taking all of the tedious work off of your hands for good. This is appealing to companies for several reasons, but cost is the primary factor. The contacts of BDRs are located further up the sales funnel than those of SDRs, which makes their task a bit more challenging. However, there is still some overlap between the roles of BDRs and SDRs because they both need to book appointments or sales demos and pass the information to AEs. We calculated that 11% of Sales Development Representatives are proficient in SDR, Lead Generation, and Customer Service.

what does a sales development representative do

Their work also involves gathering key sales data and conducting customer research. The best SDRs create sales opportunities, educate prospects about your solution, and facilitate closing deals. Every prospect in the sales pipeline is different, which means it’s essential that an SDR can adapt to each prospect’s wants and needs and adjust to different sales scenarios and markets. This could include changing the tone of voice in a phone call or rewriting each email based on the specific target.

How long should you be an SDR?

SDRs are responsible for filtering out leads and keeping data only on those who fit your business. As a result, sales teams don’t waste their time on leads that are no good customer fit and only outreach to leads that are likely to convert into sales. On average, telemarketing sales representatives reach similar levels of education than sales development representatives. Telemarketing sales representatives are 1.5% less likely to earn a Master’s Degree and 0.1% less likely to graduate with a Doctoral Degree. A sales development representative (SDR) — someone who connects sales reps and other closers with the right leads and business opportunities — can make all the difference in your company’s growth. With a compelling job description, you can attract and hire the right person.

what does a sales development representative do

[redacted], we’re looking for a consultative and tenacious Sales Development Representative to join our growing sales team in [redacted]. Help us solve real-world problems while streamlining the inefficient industry of [redacted]. These folks are critical to the success of any sales team, but writing a good SDR job description can be a challenge. We publish some of the industry’s best guidebooks on lead generation with real, proven strategies to grow business.

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In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know and show you how to integrate an SDR into your sales process to generate more leads, improve the customer experience and close more deals. “Sales Development Representative (SDRs) are the tip of the spear when it comes to reaching out to prospective clients and introducing them to the solution. SDRs try to start initial conversations with these prospects through calling, emailing, and connecting through social networks. SDRs are compensated based on how many of these conversations they’re able to start”, says one of our interviewees. Quotas are typically based on how many calls they make (such as 40 per day) or how many sales calls they set up with a qualified prospect. SDR positions are usually considered entry-level positions, suitable for candidates with a degree in markerking, sales, consulting, or a related field.

They need to build relationships with their customers to determine their needs and qualify the viability of interests to drive sales. Also, they collaborate with the sales executives making certain that corporate targets and goals are met. The difference between Business Development Reps (BDR) and Sales Development reps (SDR) is that SDRs fill in the sales funnel with inbound leads or warm leads, whereas BDRs focus on generating outbound leads.