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It’s no secret that people love Netflix. And certain, we openly speak about concerning instances we have now binge-watched programs. But of course, you can find instances of driving time on Netflix that people’re maybe not exactly…proud…about? We’re yes everyone else with a Netflix account as been there — those instances you watched weird, un-heard-of films you saw at 2 a.m.; or got into a low spending budget international mini-series it’s not possible to think you truly liked. Listed below are some of your even more entertaining Netflix confessions:

“i’ve a provided profile with my cousin and another time the guy known as me personally because the guy observed I got observed an two entire times of


in a 48-hour duration, and planned to determine if I was undertaking fine. (I experienced, in fact, simply undergone a nasty break-up.) We really can’t keep in mind how good


had been, but I do know it helped.” — Margaret, Properties Editor

“we see

The Twilight Area

almost every night. Anything regarding the monochrome images, the 1950s sensibility, Rod Serling’s voice…it calms me (even if the episodes are about the spooky and also the supernatural). ” — Elena, Culture Publisher

“One Saturday night, my date and I also spent, no joke, over an hour or so seeking something you should watch on Netflix. As a tale, certainly you clicked on American female: Grace Stirs Up Achievement. After about 15 minutes of waiting around for you to definitely change it, we just decided to stick with it. This flick is awful. And I am ashamed to state I enjoyed it.” — Leonora, Executive Editor

“whenever I go into some thing, I really don’t only binge-watch. Whenever I get enthusiastic about a show, we bring my personal pc

every where

. I watch it while We take in, while I work out, while We wash. We watched eight conditions of

Southern Park

within 2 months, five seasons of


in one, as well as the first season of

Jane the Virgin

over a weekend.” — Christina, Movie Contributor


Mr. Bean

when I was actually small and will sometimes see

Mr. Bean

movies. Rowan Atkinson is bae.” — Gina V., Connect Publisher

“not long ago i saw 1st episode of

Puffin Stone

, a Netflix initial animated show for the children (elderly, um, 3-5). Its sooo lovable, yet my personal boyfriend features successfully positioned a moratorium on actually watching a lot more symptoms collectively again. (Though I probably/definitely will deal with it in my own large amounts of spare-time.)” — Lily, Associate Publisher

“Sometimes we just see the Neal areas of

A Long Time Ago

. Not even exactly the Neal periods, but just the Neal scenes from like six different periods. Therefore I spend a lot period fast-forwarding, and I do this, like, once per month.” — Rachel, Team Blogger

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