How to launch an ICO, STO, or IEO in 2022?

Waves is a great choice for those who want to launch an ICO, but the platform is especially suitable for teams who do not have the resources to use the Ethereum platform. Waves will also suit those who want to be on the exchange immediately after issuing a token. While the difference between ICOs and STOs seems to be relatively formal, there are several options to consider if you’re wondering which one to choose. This ICO vs STO differences comparison will be very useful both for newcomers and experienced investors. Blockchain is, no surprise to anyone today, the technology of the future.

ERC20 is a technical specification that anyone who wants to launch their own token can follow. There have been a ton of pump-and-dump schemes — basically, after having paid for tokens, investors couldn’t cash out on them. During an ICO, unlike an IPO, the buyers of the cryptocurrency do not receive a stake in the company and cannot influence internal management decisions in any way. In fact, the ICO is another implementation of the crowdfunding model, when participants finance the development of a company now in order to get some benefits from it in the future.

How to Begin your ICO Journey

The answer is that you can indeed do an ICO without a pre-ICO stage; it is not a mandatory requirement for these projects. First, this serves as an important and detailed study of the audience. If on a pre-ICO you have reached a hard cap, then this can be for several reasons. Cryptocurrencies are still in their initial level of development and acceptance for many countries.

Global Cloud Team can help you because we have over 450 developers and growing. Smart contracts and blockchain technology ensure that both processes are transparent, secure, efficient, and fast. Nonetheless, for the above-mentioned reasons, STOs are usually believed to be safer investments.


The security tokens are being saved for a specific supplier in a minute when he/she gets them with fiat money. At the point when the exchange is affirmed, the users can get the tokens. If you’re offering your ICO internationally, accepting multiple payment options for your coins makes sense. Whether you want to accept fiat or crypto, the more you can exchange, the more comprehensive your investor base. Find an ICO launch platform that supports multiple types of currencies, so you don’t have to limit your investors.

  • Our ICO platform integrates the KYC process which involves uploading of documents for identity verification.
  • Many companies have started incorporating blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in their business verticals.
  • This whitepaper will explore the essentials for launching a successful blockchain product.
  • It is always advisable to connect with expert blockchain consultants or firms specializing in blockchain solutions to evaluate your technology model and identify areas of improvement.
  • Now it’s time to start spreading the word about your project and what it has to offer.
  • So far, it’s two weeks down the road in 2021, and we can see positive market signals in the crypto space.

Tokens offered in ICO are referred to as utility tokens which means that an owner of a crypto token has the right to access products or services offered by the startup. ICOs have reaped a hefty return for both the startups and the investors. Like other crowdfunding methods, there will be no regulations and involvement of central authorities. As per the expert’s opinion, ICO is considered an ideal method of crypto crowdfunding.

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However, in the case of an ICO, full responsibility will fall on your shoulders. Choose the most suitable platforms for promoting your project depending on the type of fundraising and create a marketing strategy. Decide on launching an STO, ICO, or IEO based on your project specifications and preferences, and make sure to consult your advisors beforehand. An IEO, aka Initial Exchange Offering, is another type of fundraising that is managed by an exchange platform, unlike ICOs that are fully managed by the internal project team. Every industry and brand is looking up to NFTs to tap into the global audience, and NFTs have established themselves as a major marketing segment in the event industry.

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STOs are usually funded by professional investors, who have more money at their disposal. ICOs, on the other hand, is a crowd investment that does not require large financial contributions. The platform is built with rich trading features to meet all the expectations of your customers. Ethereum At the moment, Ethereum is the most popular platform for supporting ICOs. Almost in the same way that the HTTP standard shaped the way we look at the internet, Ethereum standardized the ICO with ERC20 tokens.

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Sometimes the best way to market your ICO is to first create a product that people want to use. By showcasing your ability, your project will gain enough admirers who will willingly buy into your ICO. Think about it, if your potential investors do not know about your project, they will not get the chance to invest in it, no matter how promising your product is.

ico and sto launch platform

All efforts should be spent on successfully overcoming the previous stages. The average duration of the crowd sale is 2-4 weeks, sometimes extending up to 2 months. However, it is worth remembering that successful projects reach the hard cap in just a few days. The richest investors are in the US, China, Korea, Japan, and Russia.

STO challenges

Both platforms allow users to set up their own channels, which allows you to regularly update your audience. With both Discord and Telegram, you can also set up private groups so you can chat candidly with potential investors. Most legitimate projects in the crypto space have a white paper.

The company planned to raise $15 million using its own MUN tokens. Munchee ended up having to shut down the ICO and return all ico and sto launch platform the money it raised. To avoid getting into the same unpleasant situation, the company needs to do some serious legal work.

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Similarly, a founder must try to leave no stone unturned when writing a white paper. The white paper will be scrutinized by peers who may be looking to invest or contribute to the project. The white paper is arguably the single most important piece of document from a technical and marketing standpoint. There are many factors that help projects achieve their fundraising goal when launching an ICO, IEO, or STO. They include detailed and clear documentation, a profound technical part, compliance with all legal regulations, etc.