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On a detailed level, some of the dimensions analysed include Application Enablement and Device Management building blocks by vendor, IoT application marketplace sizes by vendor or supported communication standards by vendor. The majority of IoT Platform vendors cover % of all analysed platform building blocks. To supplement the market report and to help end-users decide which platform to choose from, IoT Analytics is simultaneously releasing an IoT Platforms Vendor Comparison 2018.

Their focus on cybersecurity and safety allows them to meet HIPAA, ACA, and many more safety standards, and they are among the top 10 fastest-growing data analytics companies today. Their IoT initiative provides consulting, full-cycle development, analytics, management, and more. With the growing complexity of industrial applications, the edge device infrastructure will be required to take on more data processing capabilities and optimize edge-to-cloud workloads.

Google Cloud IoT

There are lots of automation features which help s the user to manage time. In short, my experience with MindSphere has been nothing less than exceptional. Mindsphere comes with a steep learning curve, but once I understood how to apply the root MindSphere framework to our business’ case things were very straightforward and easy to use.

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For these applications, an IoT platform should be implemented in parallel with modern networking infrastructure and hardware. And that’s where Cisco’s end-to-end approach to building edge-to-cloud IoT solutions makes it one of the best IoT platform vendors for 2021. Salesforce IoT enables non-technical CRM users to continuously enrich customer data with the information gathered from connected sensors, devices, and services. It basically bridges the gap between product development, sales, and customer management. For example, product managers can identify user preferences to improve their product offerings, or analyze the usage context for new services. If extending standard IoT use cases to data-driven customer management and better customer service is something you’ve been looking for, Salesforce IoT should be the first platform to check out.

IoT Platform Comparison: How the 450 providers stack up

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  • Our account manager is very easy to work with and there software is user friendly and has exceeded all our expectations.
  • The IoT platform report also calls out 4 major industry trends as well as various challenges, adoption barriers for technology providers, the needs and perspective of customers, and lists over 30 use cases enabled by IoT platforms.
  • Google Cloud IoT delivers an intelligent platform for building and managing a highly scalable network of IoT devices.
  • It supports the use of real-time data for visualizations, mapping and automation.
  • Both AWS and Microsoft continue to add new capabilities to their growing portfolios of IoT platform services.

Xage uses blockchain technology to provide a security platform for industrial IoT applications. Services include automated policy enforcement, role-based access control, systemic tamperproofing, edge authentication and device lifestyle management. Augury’s Machine Health platform uses IoT technology to provide customers with predictive maintenance insights. It employs sensors to collect data that is then analyzed using artificial intelligence to detect problems. The platform guides users on how to proactively address machinery issues in order to prevent malfunctions that can lead to costly production downtime.

Top Internet of Things (IoT) Service Companies in the USA—Company Summaries

We can see that there are seven companies which are nimble and have a lot of relevance to the six decision-making criteria we see above. Back in early 2016, IoT Analytics forecasted that the IoT platforms market would reach $1.3B by 2020. Our latest report sizes the market at $5.0B in 2020 – almost 4x bigger than we projected in our 2016 report. In fact, the IoT platforms market grew at a staggering annual growth rate of 48% between 2015 and 2020, significantly higher than the 35% we forecasted. Pharr Technologies is a provider of internet of things (IoT) services for a variety of industries including financial, education, manufacturing, government, and healthcare.

Hyperscalers (specifically AWS and Microsoft) are particularly well-positioned to maintain their market leadership and capture a good chunk of this growth. The entrance of the cloud hyperscaler giants into the market in early 2016 provided validation that the IoT platform market opportunity was real. The entrance (among other things) also led to the emergence of new pricing and revenue strategies for new and existing IoT platform vendors. All information presented in this IoT Platform Comparison is based on our research in the IoT Platforms space. Our most recent product, the IoT Platform Company List 2017 is a structured repository of 450+ companies that are offering Internet of Things platforms. The IoT Platform Companies List 2017 helps executives gain an understanding of the different Internet of Things platforms across various geographies and industry verticals.

Global Industrial IoT Platforms Reviews and Ratings

We work with you to select the best-fit providers and tools, so you avoid the costly repercussions of a poor decision. It’s vital to consider the initial cost of an IoT platform but also total cost of ownership (TCO) and what type of return on investment it can deliver to your organization. Learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals faster with the right data-driven insights and intelligence.

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A sample of the market report can be downloaded HERE and the vendor comparison HERE. Among other things, the report highlights several examples of how customers select their IoT platforms. Two years ago, we identified 620 IoT platform companies globally on the open market (up from 450 companies identified in 2017). Today, the trend of more and more IoT platform companies on the market seems to have stopped and is now reversing, at least in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

Oracle IoT Cloud Service (Legacy)

Availability of training material is good, end user supports needs a special mention and they are super quick for issue resolution. Ayla’s platform provides many features out of the box, and is a platform that is continuously being enriched with new features and capabilities. The team at Ayla is very friendly and is always ready to listen to their customers and act on the feedback iot platform vendors and roadmap asks. Based on the Applications and budget, the companies can choose whichever platform vendor gives them the flexibility to pivot, scalability and the best time to market. 5 years ago, when we forecasted that the IoT platforms market would have a 5-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35%, we wondered if our growth projection was unrealistically high.

Palo Alto Networks Recognized as a Leader in Zero Trust Platform … – PR Newswire

Palo Alto Networks Recognized as a Leader in Zero Trust Platform ….

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It also offers 3D printing, contract manufacturing, IoT, PCB design, signal processing, and more. TechFlex Development supplies website services such as software development, and design. It also offers IoT services including the optimization and integration of operations, security, consulting, and strategy. The company is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, and was founded in 2019. Appinventiv provides internet of things (IoT) software and application development services for startups and other companies, as well as post-development support. It also offers services such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (MI), among others.

Top Internet of Things (IoT) Companies in the USA—Summary

The 450-page document provides an in-depth comparison of 21 popular IoT Platforms. Pricing models, standards, cloud connectivity and elasticity, system flexibility and security methods vary greatly. Some platforms excel at connecting sensors while others are focused more on communications and data processing. Velocity Smart Technology headquartered in London offers the Velocity Smart Cloud platform, supporting connected IOT for Enterprise devices including Velocity Smart Lockers and Smart Vending. I’ve been using Microsoft Azure IO T for a while now and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. The platform offers an extensive range of features and tools that make it easy to connect monitor and manage IO T devices at scale.

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